Field Services

The District has a contract with Inframark to provide Field Management Services for the Country Greens CDD. Part of that scope of services includes managing the contractors who perform other common area maintenance activities, including the following areas, which are the primary field operations that are performed according to the District’s approved work program. The District has awarded contracts for these various maintenance activities, and District personnel also perform a variety of supplemental services and work efforts to further enhance the community’s high standard of appearance and maintenance.

Aquatic Weed Control

The District has a contract with Applied Aquatic Management to provide lake maintenance to all the lakes. These services include monthly inspections and treatment of aquatic weeds and algae through the use of herbicide and hand removal.


The District has a contract with ValleyCrest to provide landscape maintenance. These services include mowing, edging, blowing, applying pest and disease control chemicals to sod; mulching; applying fertilizer; and transplanting annuals three times per year.

Ownership Map

(click here for a printable pdf copy of this map)

Maintenance Maps

~ CDD Maintenance Areas

~ HOA Maintenance Areas


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